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When someone disables their comments on a post πŸ™„

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β€” Effin annoying especially when I have something good to say! Drives me nuts

β€” @rosemom, I know it’s super annoying! What’s the point in posting?

β€” @ss3mom, if you can post your opinion or something scandalous you can take the backlash

β€” @rosemom, agreed

β€” Like why even post

β€” @mamakat89, If you post something that you know will cause drama/backlash then take it. You posted it, it’s your opinion you knew it was gonna cause drama

β€” @rosemom that's true

β€” And get mad as hell when someone sub posts! πŸ™„

β€” @evildrporkchop., right!! Just take the backlash