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Here we go with the "shh it's ok sissy " after he gives her a bloody nose and tries to put her in her room to get her to be quiet lmao

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— 😂😂 sounds like something my son would do

— How is this something to joke and laugh bout?!

— Because he didnt do it on purpose and shes fine now? She was giggling and smiling when I got her cleaned up.

— You found me and my brother when we were growing up 😅

— Me and my sister used to fist fight in my moms kitchen 😂

— Damn, I made a post once about my daughter hitting my son and said my daughter laughed while she did it and someone told me to go get her mentally checked

— Omg, people take things too far. Both my kids laugh while hitting each other, they're just playing around.

— @mommy_of_monsters, my daughter coughed last night. It apparently got on my son so he got mad and my daughter hit him cause he was mad then he hit her back. Just some dumb sibling stuff. Lol. Never thought I needed to get their brains checked lol

— @rybugg413 if my kids didnt fight each other at least once a week I'd be worried 😂

— Sounds like my kids 😂