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Ok so I found out I was 3 weeks pregant about 2 weeks ago I wanna say and now I been bleeding and my obgyn said she thinks I'm gonna lose the baby because bleeding as much as I am isn't normal but I'm suppose to be on bed rest and she gave me so meds to stop the bleeding so I hopefully dont loose the baby but the funny thing is I know I'm not gonna get bed rest my husband can only get 4 days off from work and he works 2 jobs so he can only be home for 4 day to help me out and make sure I get rest and my obgyn wants me on bed rest for at least a week until I can come back in and see her so I'm trying to make arrangements to go to my moms for that week so my husband doesn't have to take time off because we really need the money but my mom thinks he should stay home and help me regardless of us needing money am I wrong for wanting him to work so we can afford our Bill's and pull ups for our girls? Need advice moms.

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