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Did I just get ripped off???

I just got uv gel mani and pedi. Including tip ($40) I spent $200. I haven't gotten my nails done since high school a decade ago. I don't have a problem with the money and loved it but I'm just curious. Also does it normally take two hours??? If it does I don't have time for that on a regular basis lol

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— That seems expensive. Time frame is typical though

— Well in the Bronx that would cost like $70 plus a tip so I’d say that’s absurd.

— For the Mani and pedi?!

— @massgirl, it’s $30 for a gel pedicure here, and $40 for the gel manicure with acrylic lol

— @missheatherbaby, same here in PA.

— I dunno much about nail salons but that would make me go “ heck no!”

— Definitely a ripe off.

— Rip off. I mean, did you get a complimentary back massage & complimentary wine? Did they massage your feet and hands? Shouldn’t be that much unless you went to a celebrity place lol.

— @massgirl, for $200 you should get more out of it. But it’s already spent so hopefully you like the results and it’s not like you’re gonna go back... I hope 😂

— @earthymama I like them. I got them done for my wedding on Saturday and I wanted it to last since I'm going to Hawaii next week....but yes I won't be going back 🤣

— @massgirl, aw you’re getting married! Well all that matters is you’re happy. And hey.. even though they were expensive af, think of it as an employee there is going to get payed with the money you gave to the business. It can go toward their bills, their kids, etc. So you just helped keep someone payed and that’s a good thing.

— The other day I got a full set with uv gel polish and a pedicure with the same polish and it was $87. They over charged the hell out of you. I wouldnt have even tipped them if it cost $200!!

— It was $165 without the tip.

— @massgirl Hell no.. that's way too much.

— What? I’m in Southern California and before tip those are roughly $50

— Omg my fiance is going to kill me 😭😭

— Yeah; that seems a bit pricey. When I’ve done a new set (solar gel) and a pedicure (both shellac polishes) plus tip it’s come to ($150ish) At my salon I go to — it makes a difference if paying by cash or debit/credit lol. You get taxed the shit out of you if not paying cash. And 2 hours is pretty reasonable for all of that. My fill normally takes about 45 minutes.

— Oh ok. I didn't have a lot of cash so I had to use my card.

— @massgirl, yeah. I try to remember cash but if I don’t have it, they’re always lecturing me lol “see. So much tax. Bring cash next time” yeah yeah yeah.

— Woah. I’d go back in and talk to a manager.

— Did you do shellac polish? If so then ya the price sounds about right for uv gel.

— @massgirl did they cure your polish with a light

— yes

— @massgirl then thats shellac. Was it purely the paint or did you get acrylic tips and the shellac?

— Holy shit. You could've went to a higher end salon for that price and got a glass of wine or a good fancy cup of coffee 😂 but show us the nails!

— Show those bad boys off!!!

— They aren't even great. 😭

— Mine need done this week so they aren’t looking spectacular but it’s gel and $40.

— I get mine done mani pedi and I spend 90$ including tip so yeah that’s to much

— Wow that’s crazy!! Mine is 68 with mani/spa pedi and eye brow wax!

— This was 10 years ago bur i only paid 40 the only time I ever did it.

— I get bio gel and its 45 and then a regular gel pedicure that's 45. Designs are extra. I think 200 is insane. The most I've spent t in 110 and I thought that was crazy. 2 hours seems like a lot, too. But a lot of places will rush, so there's that.