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A month until fall. (Summer cannot

A month until fall. (Summer cannot end fast enough!) In my house, that means “spring cleaning”. Saging to get rid of negative, stagnant energy and bring in happy, fresh energy! 🙌🏼🌫

I get a bit seasonal depression in the summer. I hateeee spring/summer.
Give me winter year round! 💙❄️

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— Omg girl I thought that was a blunt lol

— @jennatess o OK. Yeah I got a w heart defects and a 5montj old so I gotta watch what I light :(

— @pottmouthed_stirredup, oh yeah, definitely be careful. I also have super super high ceilings, so the smoke is up and way within seconds.

— @jennatess right

— Come do my house next 😉

— I love a good house cleansing 😍

— @jennatess, me too!

— I though this was a blunt 😂

— I mean, Whatever brings in the good energy. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂