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I’m 28yo with 3 daughters & even though at my age I know a lot of woman are “living their best life” I feel like I’m really 45, wanting to drink coffee & watch Investigation Discovery WITHOUT being interrupted....& that’s my idea of living my best life....emphasis on the WITHOUT BEING INTERRUPTED part😅😅😅

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— Girllll that's my life too!!

— @tsunamii haven't seen that one!

— @pottmouthed_stirredup, girllll I can put you in too many documentary’s and shows on I.D so come back when you’re ready ;P

— @tsunamii heck yeah lol

— Some people just prefer to do that type of stuff rather than partying or whatever “living their best life” means lol

— When your kids are older you’ll still be young enough to do stuff so enjoy your shows now lmao

— Lmao this made me feel way better thanks 😩👌🏼💯

— @tsunamii, for real your gonna be 40 and enjoying a girls night with wine while your kids are practically all teenagers ;)

— This is my life too!! 😂

— This is me too lol I love the ID channel. I'm not 45 yet.