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Oh goodness I went in the hospital this morning crying my heart out thinking I was gunna be joining my baby girl in heaven, I went pee before they started, cried and prayed hard to God 🙏🙏🙏🙏 they put me on an i.v gave me general anesthesia, put the oxygen mask on my face, I took a few deep breaths and I was out, it felt like I went to sleep for a second and they were already done with the cerclage, I woke up and was like "I went to sleep? You guys are already done?" Took 28 minutes, 3 of those were to put me to sleep lol ... the Lord is good🙏💕

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— Why,did u think u was gonna die

— @mom2.2beautifulbabies oh OK I understand now. It is scary my son just recently went under I was nervous wreck

— @pottmouthed_stirredup oh see that's a whole different ball game, It would be difficult for me to have my child go under, I couldn't imagine what you were going through, im glad he is doing good 🙏💕

— @mom2.2beautifulbabies thank u I hope u r doing well and have safe delivery

— Good to hear everything went great, hope you are able to rest for a bit!

— Im trying 😴 it's hard cause im always on my feet so this is way out of my normal routine lol