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This app is for moms to meet other mom and became friends but why is everyone so quite and not trying to get to know one another ??

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— Because I prefer organic friendships over forced. I’ve slowly found my group of friends just by interacting.

— I do not think its intended for meets. You have to be safe about meeting people outside of the internet. Always💗 But I think you meant meet on a virtual perspective. 😂

— I think now that no one monitors this app it took a real turn & sketched a lot of people out about trusting people on here. I have been on here almost a year now & I almost deleted it a few times because no one really talked so I felt it was a waste but like flamingomom said, eventually you slowly build your circle. There’s quite a few moms on here now I’m friends with & enjoy talking to. I don’t meet up with people off an app only because I have never trusted a situation like that. Maybe after it’s been so long & ive grown extremely close to someone then MAYBE in a public meeting place I would. But other than that, I’m on here for entertainment & having social media friendships.

— This app is for more than that. I like to use it as a platform to advocate, uplift, share experiences and genuinely give advice. I agree with @flamingomom, that it takes time to build relationships. They’ll develop eventually just keep interacting and you’ll find the people you hit it off with.

— hi every momshie hows ur day