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Soo we decided that we are not sending my 4yr old daughter to school this yr and its crazy the RUDE comments we are recieving from family, friends, etc. understand this was OUR CHOICE for OUR FAMILY... blows my mind how some people think they can control your whole life!

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— Homeschool?

— @momoftwo1, how do they know? It was posted? Now that you know how they can be just keep your decision making private and avoid the chaos. Kids usually start Kindergarten at age 5 so she still has time. Do not stress.

— @icebergahead, was not posted, we had a wedding saturday and we talked about it i didnt think it was a big deal

— @momoftwo1, it is not, just others have opinions. Do not take it to heart. I am sure they have reasons and you have your own.

— I mean 5 is the normal age to start kindergarten anyway .. it’s not required to go to preschool

— @flamingfiremom, she knows all colors and her ABCs she also knows how to count 1-10 perfect and 10-20 we are working on it.. but we are also BI LINGUAL.. we dnt speak english at home. I jst dnt understand why some people think that if their child is going your has to do the same

— @momoftwo1, right my little brother was in preschool but my mom never took him bkz he would never want to go lol and he’s super smart learned everything he knows on YouTube videos that show how to count abc colors etc ..

— @flamingfiremom, every child learns diffrently and that is my point exactly...

— How come though? Doesn't kindergarten start at 5? Thats when my son started kindergarten. Pre k is essential to kindergarten. It helps them prepare

— Shes 4, just turned 4.. she will be going to kindergarten next yr at age 5

— @momoftwo1 my son went to prek 3 and prek 4. Only because his speech delay when he was younger. Hes 10 now and talks perfectly. Every family is different. Dont think bashing does anyone good. Especially from family members

— We skipped also and I could tell my granny was not amused. She's a retired teacher and a lot of people feel like Pre-K helps get them ready for kindergarten. Sometimes kids just aren't ready. I know my son wasn't.

— Thats what i think too and i mean i never went Nd i am fine and like i said everyone has their own choices and their own family soo you chose whats best for you.. bt everyone family wise who has a child her age says all kinds of things.. i dont understand why the need for negativity?

— I thought about skipping prek also (daughter justtttt turned 4), but I talked to three of my friends who are kindergarten teachers and all of them said they can totally notice when kids haven’t had prek first. I figured it was best for her to start prek after all. My town starts late - October. But it’s YOUR choice. You just have to keep putting your foot down when people get rude.

— People will always have opinions. You just have to take them w a grain of salt and remember you make decisions based on what’s best for your child and family. No one knows your child like you do. And I’m sure a lot of kids do well from pre-K to kinder and there’s a noticeable difference between the two... IF their parents don’t teach them at home. I really believe we can teach our children. Just takes patience

— I'm so sick of people thinking their opinions are wanted and needed! Unless it's something that involves the child being in danger or anything else serious why can't people mind their business!!!?

— I just feel like it isnt fair... why do u automatically think ur child is smarter than mine?? Or jst because ur child is in school theyr better than mine?

— @momoftwo1 girll my soon to be MIL is constantly comparing my baby to other kids and it drives me insane!!! He is a baby! And every child learns at their own pace. No need to compare or think one is smarter than the other. I'm sure you are doing a great job mama and your children will be fine and smart! You do what you know is best ❣

— My mother in law sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong too. She gave me her very unwanted opinion on whether or not I should send my daughter to preschool. She personally doesn’t feel like it’s necessary and I actually agree and I don’t plan on sending her to preschool but if I felt like she would be best going to preschool then she would be. People just need to mind their own business.

— Exactly i mean i dont sit here and say ur child needs to b in school or what not. Everyone knows their child best and i dont see anything wrong in sending them or keeping them home till kindergarten

— @momoftwo1, so true!

— I didn’t go to preschool and I was in advanced placement classes for every class. Every child is different my daughter starting preschool though beginning of September but only chose to start her bc she’s turning 5 in October and misses the cut off for kindergarten