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Mama's I need opinions!

My husband and I got married at city hall but we still want to do an actual wedding. We are talking about for our 5 year anniversary.

Here's my dilemma. I would like it to be on our actual anniversary date March 23rd. If we do it on our 5 year it would be a thursday if we did it the next year on our 6 year it would be a saturday.

What are thoughts? Would it be odd/difficult to do it on a Thursday?

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— I wouldn't do it if you are inviting people who have to come from out of town

— I’d definitely do it on a Saturday

— I would rather have it on the Saturday, but I also wouldn’t want to wait another year just to do so.

— I keep saying I'm already waiting 5 years what's one more but it's so true that I dont want to wait

— Spend it on an epic honeymoon trip if you’d rather do a Thursday.

— that's what I was thinking but I think 4 people we would be inviting would be from out of town and it would be our parents