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I was wondering, did you lose your postpartum weight fast because you breastfed?

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— I did. I grained 40 lbs during pregnancy. Within a month I lost 50 lbs. totally lost my butt which honestly wasn’t much to brag about to begin with. 🤣

— With my first, yes. With my 2nd and 3rd.. No

— I think it has a lot to do with what you eat while breastfeeding. Your extra hungry during that time so it’s important to eat healthy during that time so you can lose weight.

— I lost mine fast with my first child. This is my third and I’m still pretty heavy right now😟 and I’m EBF🤷🏾‍♀️ but aside from chasing My toddler around I haven’t started worried about dieting or exercising. Just kinda trying to find our family rhythm. I plan to start waist training soon, try and snatch some things back in place lol 😂

— I lost mine pretty fast. By 7 weeks PP. I do breast feed. I never got the huge appetite people talk about when you breast feed though.

— It really depends on sleep and what you eat. I already lost 25 with my son and just had him 3 days ago but I breastfeed my daughter and because of eating out a lot it took a while.

— I did

— I did not breasts feed! And I lost all my weight within a month or 2... But of course it was my first prob won't loose it so fast with my second.

— No I didn’t lose any weight until I stopped. It made me feel super hungry

— No I didn’t