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I was gonna have the girls share a room but I'm gonna just give Mia a corner in our room. Aniyah had her own room and I wanted her in the room with me so I ended up co sleeping. Shes just now wanting to sleep in her own bed & I'm not going thru that again lol.

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— We did that with our toddler, his crib and dresser were on one side of our room. He slept there for his first 2 years until he climbed out his crib. Now he shares a room with his brother. I knew it would be a problem of my older son waking the baby or the other way around.

— My daughter just told me that Mia is too small to be in her room so I'm glad I wasn't planning on putting her in there lol. It'll help me because with my oldest I felt like her room was too far away which is how she ended up in the bed with me