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What does the yellow stars in the corner mean??

What does the yellow stars in the corner mean??


— If you’re talking about the gold stars next to some users’ names, then that means they are a “momassador”. About 3 years ago they chose a handful of moms to be the faces of the US side of the app.
But, now it really doesn’t mean anything since the US side of the app went MIA.

— Exactly what @jennatess said. Mombassadors (like myself) were supposed to promote the app and get more users on here buuuut the people who were in charge dropped off the app and now it’s a free for all. At this point the Star doesn’t mean much.

— @kimberly_the-preemie-mom, I remember it being a mess when I was one. The group just chatted about nonsense all day in our private messaging group(not all, but most), and when a decision was to be made - like the name “mombassador” those of us who didn’t like the name got called names as if we were 10 year old school girls. Lol. It was definitely to silly for me, so I left the group.
Maybe one day someone will pick back up the US side and make it better. I find it hard to believe that nobody is interested in it..

— What are you referring to.?