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Taking Cara Babies : “Navigating Months 3 & 4” Ebook For babies 13-20weeks. Worth it? I believe we just hit the 4mo sleep regression. I know it’s a good thing.. I know it’s normal and just his body growing to adjust to a better sleep pattern, but man oh man am I tired! 😅

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— I hate 4mo sleep regression. 😒 Caleigha didn’t go through it because she never slept well. Josephine slept great until she hit the regression.

— Right? Faye was the worst sleeper I’ve ever met. She didn’t sleep more than 5 hours max until she was 2 years old. So, I never noticed her sleeping get bad. It was always bad. I’ve been reading and, I guess adults filter though 4/5 realms of sleep. Where as newborns only hit two. At 4mo old (regression) is when they start to switch from the 2 to the 4/5 like adults. So, it’s good. It means they are developing correctly and will eventually be better sleepers for it. It just sucksssss while they are going through the transition.