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We went to baby's appointment yesterday and found out that the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and 6 days according to sono and technician. I'm at loss on how to handle this. I dont want to talk about it at all but I'm also confused on the part where I had no symptoms of a miscarriage. I dont know if I should get a second opinion or just believe it due to a sono.. they didnt show me anything to try an explain to me. I would be 10 weeks and 7 days now.

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— Go to the hospital they'll be able to detect it in your blood. Sorry you gotta go thru that🙏🏾

— It is your choice. You could always set up for another scan and see if a heartbeat can be detected at all. If not they’ll probably recommend medicine to help or schedule you to come in for a D&C. I’m so sorry. My midwife recommended a week to do another confirmation ultrasound that there was no baby and miscarry on my own but I wasn’t as far along as you.

— My first pregnancy I had a normal miscarriage and my second pregnancy I had an anembryonic (idk if I spent that right) pregnancy. The first ultrasound I had at 7 weeks there was a sac but the baby was super super small, so they had me come back 2 weeks later and there was no further development. But they compared the 2 ultrasounds to show me and I ended up needing a d&c at 12 weeks. I never bled or showed symptoms of miscarriage, but with an anembrionic pregnancy your body thinks you’re pregnancy so it’ll keep developing the baby until about 15 weeks, and if you naturally miscarry it can cause a lot of issues for you. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, I know how you feel :’( I’m still not over it to this day and it’s very hard to talk about. If you ever need anything, let me know!

— @mommahay, when it happened to me he/she was alive in the sac but they stopped developing around 5 or 6 weeks was their estimate... if this is an anembrionic your body will eventually miscarry on its own, but the problem with that happening, especially this late, is it can cause a lot of health problems for you. They may not have shown you because it can be traumatic... it was for me :/ my sac was growing but not my baby... it was a very hard decision to make but after talking with my husband we decided on the d&c because of all the risks of naturally miscarrying. I would talk to your husband and provider and weigh all the options you have and all the pros/cons. You could always wait it out but I would do the research on waiting it out. If you’re skeptical about the dr office I would go to either the ER or another office to have a second opinion

— @alr0407 I know all of our options we discussed them yesterday with my doctor. I was thinking about the d&c but I want personal opinions about it. Do they put you to sleep during it? How long are you in pain for after it's done.

— @mommahay, yes, I was asleep during the procedure. I really wasn’t in much pain... it was more mental pain than physical for me. It was just very very light menstrual cramping type of pain

— I’m sorry😔I had a missed miscarriage, baby stopped growing at 8 weeks but didn’t find out till I was 12 weeks. I had to have a d&e done because my body wasn’t passing the baby. It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion

— I’ve also had a missed miscarriage. Baby stopped growing at 7+2 and I found out at 10+2. I’d had light bleeding throughout so had already had a few scans showing a healthy, growing baby. If you’re in any doubt get a second opinion, at least then you can discuss your options.

— I am soo sorry for you loss. I've also suffered a missed miscarriage. Baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, I didn't know until 12 weeks when I started to spot. Went on to the ER and that's when they told me. It's a difficult thing to go through. But it made my relationship stronger with my husband.. and with the Lord. It's a sad sad time, but then, a time of growth. My thoughts are with you, sweetie.

— Thank you. My husband and I have been praying and talking with each other. We were in rough spots before and i hope this brings us closer together. Hes been my main supporter during it!!

— @mommahay praying hun!!

— I’m so sorry. It’s never an easy thing to go through. I had a very rough time with all of it. My thoughts are with you!!!💞I had the same thing happen with my first pregnancy baby stopped growing. I should have been 11 weeks but the baby stopped growing. I had to have a D&C done a week later. I had no symptoms of miscarriage. The D&C took about 45 minutes. They put me to sleep. Only problem was I lost a lot of blood. I had no problem walking right after or wasn’t restricted from doing normal day things. Just no sex for a couple of weeks.