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How would you mommas feel if a girl constantly brought your…

How would you mommas feel if a girl constantly brought your so food but no one else, every time she talks it’s directed towards him (says his name) and doesn’t say anything to you while your right there, calls him instead of you at 11pm when she knows your laying down, starts smoking because he does?


— She needs to leave now. Look up women’s shelters and family shelters in your area. Hand her the list, and tell her she has until ‘blank’ day and time to be gone with her child and ALL of her stuff.
Then specify that if any of her stuff is found in your home after said date it will be left on the curb.
Finally block her number in your SO’s phone NOW! Also your SO needs to refuse anything she brings him.
She is being disrespectful towards you and your family.
If she doesn’t leave soon she will most likely try to get into his pants as soon as she can OR worst case she may attempt to accuse him of something because he keeps refusing her advances.

— Wait so she lives with you guys?

— @lifegrowsinside, well she can move then. She should be thankful that you even offered her a place to stay at all

— @prettygirlrock1214, she’s saying I’m being childish and only focused on food when I didn’t bring food up at all 🤷‍♀️ she’s also bringing his family into it

— @lifegrowsinside, ewww she has some balls on her apparently. I’d make her move. She doesn’t need to be disrespectful in your own house. Nope 🙅🏽‍♀️

— I would tell my SO to quit taking her phone calls and eating the food she brings. She's dumb as hell but he's only egging it on my not creating any boundaries in this situation

— He told her to stop flirting and I also sent a message and now she thinks everything is about food

— I’d feel like that girls got issues! I mean who is she to you guys? Clearly she wants a bit of him?

— @lifegrowsinside, Is it flirting or are you paranoid? Like what’s she doing ?

— @erincharlieconor, it’s just she always ignores everyone else while he’s around and only talks to him. Said a him name and everything to make sure everyone knows it’s for him. She only wants to go outside if he’s there. She only gets him food (she works in fast food) and ignores the fact that everyone else is here. Basically just focuses on him and only him. She hardly focuses on her own kid.

— @lifegrowsinside, I think she’s over stayed her welcome. You’ve been kind and now she’s upsetting the house and being a bitch.