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Did anyone score normal on the three hour glucose test?
Scored high on my one hour but wondering if it could have just been the day that threw it off(?)

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— Did they give you limitations? I failed mine pretty bad during my last pregnancy. I passed the 3 hour though. They told me to eat a normal breakfast but I feel like it messed it up.

— @brownsugarluv, yeah I didn’t get any limitations but they wanted to be sure by doing the three hour. I’m sure I’ll score fine but yeah I feel like my breakfast threw it off too. Does diabetes run in your family though? I always seem to test weird on these things.

— With my first pregnancy, they told me not to eat anything before the test. With this one, I haven’t taken it yet

— They usually test you around 24 weeks. Did they tell you not to eat before the one hour test?

— Ya it does. My mom and paternal Gpa both have it. My Gpa actually lost his legs to Diabetes 😢

— @brownsugarluv, damn. I’m sorry love. That’s rough. Diabetes runs in my family but they haven’t been worried with me. Sometimes if your more at risk then they give you limitations and test earlier in pregnancy.