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My daughters are both bi racial and my son is white. People…

My daughters are both bi racial and my son is white. People give me the craziest looks ever.


— My family is mixed too. My husband is very light skinned black. All three my kids are biracial, including my step-daughter but she is way lighter then our kids, she even has light brown hair and her mama is soooo pale skinned. Our kids hot very dark hair. Now that we've have custody of her ppl look at us like she the milk man child bc she dont look like our kids, nor does she look like my husband.lol

— Such cute kiddos. ❤️ Both of my kids are mixed too. I think mixed kids are beautiful.

— Lol 😂

— @dezkhibrikem yes they are ! People are just stupid

— @raquely god. Her faces crack me up lol so cute!!!

— @mom4m so pretty!

— @tooserious86 so pretty!!!

— Ppl come in all colors shapes and sizes 💕💞

— That’s so sad! I’m biracial and my hubby is black, and we get the same looks. Smh!!! It’s weird to me because I grew up in a very mixed family. Girl all three of your children are beautiful! Roll your eyes, and keep it moving.😘

— I get the looks too.. Funny thing is all of them are 1/2 hispanic. But my daughters dad is very light skinned