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This the second time feeling like I was about to pass out w…

This the second time feeling like I was about to pass out while shopping .. I get really hot mouth gets really dry I get light headed and weak 🤷🙄.. anybody experience this? . I Know it takes the average person 12 hrs to get dehydrated and me 6 hours been like this since I was a kid. Maybe that's it but it's scary .


— @bay_73 thank you I'm going to try that

— I get that problem a lot. I was told to keep some Gatorade or Powerade on me or Pedialyte for when I get like this. It helps. I get a lot of critisizm because of it especially from Co workers but I'm doing what I'm told to do and the doctor says that everything looks perfect.

— I don't eat probably as much as I should and I try to drink more water because before I was pregnant I didn't drink water . Maybe I'm just dehydrated

— Could be your blood sugar... are you eating and staying hydrated?

— No it doesn't. I'm sorry to here that

— Does your chest feel like your heart is palpitating really fast? I had this I passed out at work and I had to wear a Holter Monitor and they put me on a beta blocker and I rarely have any issues anymore with it