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How high in your tummy is baby at about 25-26 weeks I swear…

How high in your tummy is baby at about 25-26 weeks I swear she’s up really high!! 😁😁


— @abbiehowe8, We are all literally counting the minutes for you haha xx

— @melanie-spiritmedium, yeah I bet I swear the 2nd/3rd trimester flies by! & yes!! due very soon right ? 💁🏻‍♀️😁 xx

— @em93bbourn, Yeah I’m looking forward to it now hun still feels surreal as it’s gone really quickly! But for now I’m waiting patiently for @abbiehowe8, to get a move on haha xx

— @melanie-spiritmedium, haha! Always seems to be the way is it like that when they arrive as well ‘moms sat down time to wake up’ 😩😂 haha!! oh wow 2 weeks!!.... aww hun I bet you can’t wait to have little bambino in your arms now 😁 I’m excited for you! xx

— @em93bbourn, Yeah I think mine goes asleep when I get up lol coz I don’t even feel baby move of a morning or when I’m busy on my feet! It’s just as soon as I sit down or get in bed there’s a full game of footy haha! 2 weeks today I’m getting induced hun xx

— @melanie-spiritmedium, bless her haha! I was quite worried this morning I didn’t feel her for ages then she wakes up & it’s like bumper cars in there or summit 😂... ok she’s fine 🤦🏻‍♀️😂... not long for you now is it coming around so quick now x

— @em93bbourn, Haha yeah probably still small enough to do somersaults haha x

— @melanie-spiritmedium, aww quite happy where they are then hehe ☺️😁 probably a good thing you’ve not had a foot in the ribs sounds a bit uncomfortable 🙊.. & I think mine must just be exploring she’s everywhere in there I’m sure haha! xx

— @em93bbourn, I was carrying really high with the other 2 but this 1 hasn’t even put feet in my ribs or anything and I’m 37 weeks now xx

— @melanie-spiritmedium, oh right that’s fair enough, was it the same with your first? I wasn’t sure if it was normal or not .. I assumed she would still just be round the belly button area but I don’t know lol 🧐🧐... xx

— Mine hasn’t risen right through hun don’t know whether it’s because it’s my third x