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INDENIAL.... Long story short I went to er on sunday cause…


Long story short I went to er on sunday cause my right ovary was beyond killing me. They thought maybe my apendix and sent me home...horrible hospital. Well I had a follow up yesterday and my doc wanted to make sure it wasnt an tubal pregnancy...well today I find out im in fact pregnant. Well I told hubby and he dont believe me. We went in for an ultrasound and saw nothing. Well my hcg is only at 46 as of yesterday. Weirdly im getting 2-3 on digital hpt. I just want to cry cause I wished he'd see its for real. He wanted a baby for so long and now he dont believe it. And on top of it not seeing anything today has me more upset and I could really use his support and nope.


— At 46 Hcg you are definitely pregnant but most likely just early. Congrats Momma! ???

— Oh and fx on your bfp:)

— I had a false positive in feb. And I think that contributes alot...I just want him over the moon. I guess we can wait and see I have anothet appt. tomorrow to make sure my levels are ok

— Really? So what does he say when you show him the BFP test? Or the HCG numbers from the blood test? I know pregnancy doesn't always feel as real for men as women. My husband doesn't get so excited anymore now. We have two DD and are trying for #3. Since, we have had 1 MMC and 2 CP so to him it won't be real until we finally get a heartbeat. I'm currently 10 DPO and doing my best not to test.