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When is your baby considered full term

When is your baby considered full term


— 37 weeks

— @emileewells1153 They induced me at 38 weeks with My second oldest daughter!! I think every state is different!! :)

— My doctor took me with my last 2 at 38 weeks. With # 3 he won't till 39 now

— Who the hell knows with all this changing 😂 i just asked my doctor what they thought and just went with it

— they changing it so who knows now they wont induce u till 39

— 37wks

— 37weeks

— @leelove1997 girl I had this baby so fast we thought I would go to 39 weeks but had him a day b4 38 weeks lol then time after his birth went so fast it's been a whole week already smh

— @leelove1997 I just delivered at 37 weeks one day shy of 38 weeks they said I was full term. Bc baby can survive with no assistance out of the womb

— And then before early term is preterm right?

— It used to be 37 weeks but now it's 39


— 39 weeks is considered full term.