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I keep feeling these kicks in my vagina area😒😩

I keep feeling these kicks in my vagina area😒😩


— @mittenmommy17x, boy

— @aprilhearts, yeah it's wrong I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. Due November 4 but I'm having a scheduled c section the end of October

— Oh this app says you are 30, sorry!

— @aprilhearts, everyone is saying I'm huge so they think the baby might be big.

— @krenee1120, it's weird because when I was pregnant with my twins they didn't kick this much, well I guess they didn't have a lot of room to since it was 2 in there.

— Okay, doctor told me my son was about 4.3 lbs at 30 weeks. Haven't had another ultrasound since. I'm assuming he's maybe 6 pounds by now.

— @jazmanboyd2, yea I feel like my son loves those two spots lol . He will kick so bad I have to run to the bathroom

— @aprilhearts, I will be 33 weeks tomorrow

— @aprilhearts, nope I haven't seen my baby in forever 😩I've gained about 30-35 lbs tho in all

— @krenee1120, it feeling like he's kicking my bladder too. I keep feeling a tingle

— Have they told you the approximate weigh of your baby? Doctor told me this baby is in the bigger side. I do look huge compare to my daughter who was 6lbs and 14oz at birth (37weeks).

— Yea baby probably hitting your cervix . Mines does it allllllll the time

— @aprilhearts, ikr too much pressure

— @mittenmommy17x, no mam, just one this time 😌

— Lol.. I can't walk for long, I feel like his going to come out. So much pressure.