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Has any 2nd or more moms delivered via midwife and birth ce…

Has any 2nd or more moms delivered via midwife and birth center???? I'm not doing the hospital thing.....I want 0 interventions, monitoring, taking my baby away after delivery etc..,


— I'm just starting appointments at different birth centers I won't have a hospital birth either. Go for it girl people act like having babies is rocket science. People having babies at hospitals aren't sick so they need to stop treating them like they are. @district1988, I have no worries at all about birthing at a center or home I'm confident I can do it after my last birth dr didn't do nothing except catch him for all that money. Birth centers are so much more affordable I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to

— You also learn it's not natural to lay on your back and attempt to push out a 6-8 pound baby. You're taught to squat or other gravity based positions that actually pull your baby down for you...(very similar to how animals give birth unassisted)

— So their process is for mother's to labor and have minimal distractions so your body is allowed to labor. You're allowed to sit in the Labor tub, take hot showers, you'll have a massage therapist there and the monitoring is not Machine based. There's ultrasound equipment that doesn't require you to be hooked up to IV's, machines or that thing strapped to your stomach.

— @district1988 no i haven't actually. Sounds cool. Only thing i would be worried about is the 0 monitoring. What if the baby needs to be monitored in nicu for a reason?

— @juliaschade41, have you heard of the many benefits?

— Awesome!