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Why are mother in laws so awful😑

Why are mother in laws so awful😑


— I get on so well with my mother in law if happily spend time on my own with her and she never has a bad thing to say about me and how I bring my son up x

— I must be the only one who actually likes my MIL more than my own mum! X

— I have sorted my own living room I am avoiding her when baby comes 😂👌

— @tazrobs89 wow maybe I shouldn't complain she is bad but not evil! Haha xxx

— I could tell you horror stories about mine 🙈

— My mother in law is a horrible person she is a bitch and hates the fact she can't control her son anymore she has stopped talking to him and then used his dad passing away of an excuse to get her son home she offered him money to leave me and the kids and move away from us she said she buy him a house and a new car and pay him to leave us xx

— Yeah @beffgoude, is right! Once baba comes you'll wanna drop kick her more times than I don't know what! 🤣 xxx

— @sjbeanie wait till baby comes itl change again too haha! mines a nightmare 😵

— Oh how things change 😂😂😂

— I used to get on great with her and now I live with her

— Yep... total bitches x

— It's because there not in control anymore of there darling son, that's the conclusion I've come too haha! 😂