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So good news, I got the teaching job at life church! 😄 I'm…

So good news, I got the teaching job at life church! 😄 I'm so stoked because the hours mean I'll be home right after my son gets out of school and Morgan can go for free! The bummer is I just found out they're putting me in the 1-2 year old room and while I love my daughter at this age I thought I would be actually teaching, not just babysitting. I love teaching preschool and the 1-2 classroom is just not my forte 😕 Gotta take what I can I guess and hopefully in the future I can be pushed up to the older classrooms 😧


— @sixplus1 I definitely prefer the pre-k age lol I just love making math, science and language activities. I enjoy making learning fun! In the 1-2 year olds I just feel like an over glorified babysitter

— I prefer 3 and 4s! Our center has a 2's 1,2,and3. When I was in 2s I preferred the 2's 3 which is the oldest 2s. At 2, in out center is when the teaching and structure begins. But by the oldest 2 class, they are in a routine already so its easier.