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FRIDAY,👣 JUNE 23RD 2017 🖤💙🖤💙 ** so so sc…

FRIDAY,👣 JUNE 23RD 2017 🖤💙🖤💙
** so so scared, but excited **

--> Got my baby scheduled date today!! A little bummed out tho because it ended up on my Sisters birthday &I really wanted my baby boy to have his own special day! But if he comes earlier naturally then okay, & if not. I'll still be holding my little bear by. .. .next


— You'll be fine my mom had complications with hers and she is ok just remember to let people help you after

— @mommysbabies c-section unfortantly. Scared shitless but it is what it is.

— @mommabear17 Definetly coming quick! &&
Happy early Birthday ladies!! 😁🎂@shann

— That's also my birthday yay @mommabear17 born on a cusp

— C section or induction

— That is also my birthday! 💙 good luck it's coming quick!