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Any tips on getting my son to stop biting me while he's bre…

Any tips on getting my son to stop biting me while he's breastfeeding? He has two teeth now and it HURTS! He bites so hard that he broke skin last time. I tried taking him away from my boob so he learns he can't have do that but its not working.


— Lol my lo just started doing that she's teething and she's hurting momma 😖

— Baby can only bite when they're not latched properly. So if it looks like he's not focused while nursing or his latch is lazy that's a good sign you're going to get bit. And staying very consistent with taking your breast away when he bites. Set him down and say, "that hurts mommy, no biting!" It's not going to happen overnight unfortunately, it takes consistency for them to associate biting = no boobie. But it's worth it because using pain like swatting, flicking, or biting back can create negative associations with their source of nourishment and comfort and nobody wants that :(

— I tried tapping his nose, not hard, just to startle him. And it's not worked yet @kambam

— Yikes. Have you tried flicking him? I haven't had to resort to that yet

— He's almost always got some sort of teether but he's still biting. To the point where I can't feed him. He's bitten me 6 times today and so we've had to feed him only purees today @kambam

— Try getting him to chew on something before nursing. If he bites take him off and give him something to chew. You can try to nurse again after