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Is anyone a stay at home mom??? Or is there any moms who wo…

Is anyone a stay at home mom??? Or is there any moms who work from home?? If so what is it you do and why have you decided to make the decision to be an at home mommy??


— Hey girl, msg me i work from home

— I'm a work at home mom. I'm an Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. I used to work for our Plexus Headquarters here in Arizona and I recently resigned to start the business and be home with my kids. I chose to work at home because daycare was $300 weekly for both of my kids + I spent time traveling to drop and pick them up + I was always at work. Now I get to stay home, take care of them and spend time with them 24/7 which is the best ever.

— @krys_xoxo no...figured once the kids are both in school I may go back to work, at least part time

— @channy87, that's cool do you work from home?

— I stay home. Me & hubby weren't interested in sending my son to daycare & even if the family watched him it wouldn't of been worth it. They lived a town over so the commute would have been a hassle anyway

— @sawyersmom, awesome 🤗

— I just take care of my son. I decided to stay home with him because I thought I would be the best person to take care of him and teach him things.

— @orionsmomma, yes I agree with you there. I've considered working from home but I love my job and the perks that come with. Besides my sons daycare is pretty awesome.

— @sawyersmom, what do you do and why did you decide to stay home?

— I'm a stay at home mom

— I'm a stay at home mom. I don't work from home though. I decided to stay home because I don't trust many people with my son. I've always said, once he talks enough to let me know what happens to him, then I'll put him in daycare or something.