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Moms I just don't know what to do. My son isn't sleeping an…

Moms I just don't know what to do. My son isn't sleeping anymore he didn't fall asleep til 1030 last night woke up at 0030 and was up til 0145 then woke up again at 0400 screaming til 0515 then woke up again at 0700 he's only had 2 15 minute naps today Idk what to do he's screaming all the time and sounds like he's in pain all the time


— It sounds like it could be acid reflux. I would call the doctor asap and explain everything. If they suspect reflux they'll give him ranitidine. It's for sure worth a shot. If that's the issue he will be able to get some relief and sleep and eat better. @danielleandco

— If that's all he is eating in one sitting I would probably call the doctor than how often is he eating??

— This has happened before at 2 months and he had a gastrointestinal infection and they think they had a milk protein allergy but he hated the taste of Nutramigen

— I'd been going around 2-3 weeks he's only been eating maybe 2oz if I'm lucky and he's basically stopped sleeping

— How long has it been going on?? My son went Thur that around that age to I think it's just a stage as long as he is eating and having wet diapers he should be okay but you know best you think something is wrong call the doctor @danielleandco,

— is he drinking his milk and peeing and pooping? if he is then don't worry. some babies just cry all day for no reason.... if u are that worries u can take him to your pesiatrician