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Went today to find out the gender and it's 100% a BOY😭😭😍…

Went today to find out the gender and it's 100% a BOY😭😭😍😍 I'm literally so happy right now !


— @bryanna787, I know I see you have a girl my bf has 5 boys so you know he wants a girl

— @lydia09876, awe I hope you get what you want I really wanted a boy and I'm so glad to have one this time

— @hidden_gem, thank you !

— @bryanna787, I hope mines a girl

— Congratulations mama😍💙

— @lydia09876, everything I've read that a boy is able to be seen at 12 weeks

— @bryanna787, aww he's looking at you thanks I see I wonder if the have balls yet lol

— @lydia09876, if you look towards the bottom you can see his junk

— Now that I look at my pics and zoom in it does look like the cord @bryanna787,

— @lydia09876, yeah I'll go take a picture of it but she did the 3D and the umbilical cord was way away from that area

— And here's one that i didn't see an umbilical cord @bryanna787,

— Do you have a 3D pic you can post here's mine but she said is was the umbilical cord @bryanna787,

— @lydia09876, no I went I had this done at one of the early places , and they did a 3D to check .

— @bryanna787, was a normal doctor ultrasound

— What I went for mine she said it was to early at 3D baby so she schedule me to come back I think she wanted me to pay more money lol@bryanna787,