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Soo.. im really really really broody at the minute🚼.. my L…

Soo.. im really really really broody at the minute🚼.. my LG is only just turning 9 month old on sunday and my partner says he thinks hes ready for another😲😲.. i really dont know what to do :/ whats your babies age gaps? And how hard/different is it with 2? Please help me ladies 🤔🤔


— Thanks for the replies ladies.. we spoke about it last night and where gunna wait until shes at least 1 and see how we feel then thank you both tho :) @kayteamay @chesscalouise2 xx

— I got pregnant when my daughter was 6 weeks old I now have a 13 month old and a 10 week old they were both planned its hard work I'm not gunna lie but I love it and wouldnt have it any other way😀x @graciesmummy

— Adjusting to two children can be very hard, specially considering how young your daughter is. Pregnancy is very tiring anyway and having another little one to run around after is even more exhausting! I have 4 years between my first and second and i got a break with him being at nursery. Preggers again and ill have 20 months between them. Im so exhausted right now its actually unbelievable! Its really up to you and your partner. If you think you are both ready then go for it but remember to enjoy your daughter as they arent littl for very long! X