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Soo..... my water broke today at 5pm. I'm currently 38+3. …

Soo..... my water broke today at 5pm. I'm currently 38+3. Just got done at MAU. I'll be induced tomorrow at 5pm if I don't start contractions naturally. Wish me luck guys. Hopefully I don't need induction. Heard that can hurt.


— Good luck

— @firsttimemummy86 lol. If only. Move will still go ahead but I guess my husband will have to do it all. 😉

— I know I just realised that lol, I guess you will have to postpone the move for a few days @ttcrainbowbaby

— @firsttimemummy86 Ikr. It is exciting. Really bad timing hough since I'm moving house tomorrow!🙈

— aah you will have him with you soon how exciting ☺ @ttcrainbowbaby

— @firsttimemummy86 Nah... they sent me home since nothing is happening. They want me to come in once i have close contractions. And if i dont get them, then theyll induce at 5 tomorrow.
Re watets breaking, I guess it must be different for everyone. Tbh I expected to get contractions before my water broke.

— wow really I didn't know that either, are you getting contrations and are they keeping you in hospital? @ttcrainbowbaby

— @olivia161 @natalie2255 @firsttimemummy86 @shannonn95 Thanks guys. Scary and exciting at the same time. Feel so unprepared. I didn't realise that waters breaking lasts so long. I'm still 'leaking' on and off. 🙈

— Won't be long until you have your baby in your arms now! Good luck hun enjoy it xx

— Good luck! Hope everything goes smooth and well. Excited for you :) x keep us updated @ttcrainbowbaby

— Good luck hun. Hope it goes well. Keep us updated xx

— Good luck!!