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Obgyn office just rescheduled my appointment for the fourth time. Is this normal of an obgyn office? It's kind of annoying. First three times were because the practitioners were sick. No explanation for this time.

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— I would have changed office already.. that's really annoying

— That's unheard of to do it that many times. I've only had one prenatal appointment that they called to reschedule and that was because my doctor had another patient emergency. Usually the patients are the ones always rescheduling. It's kind of unprofessional of a doctors office to do that. I used to work for a clinic with multiple doctors and I know it's not normal. That's here in Hawaii too

— And If it's a prenatal appointment it's important that they see you at certain times throughout your pregnancy so that they monitor you when they should. Hope that helps. I live on Oahu too. Scheduling here can be a pain

— @areizygonzalez, I will be soon. I'm moving to the mainland from Hawaii so I will have to switch regardless. Just a little peeved today, though.

— @dalling012589, thank you. I figured it was a little excessive. It's good to have your perspective as someone who worked in the field. 🙂