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I need advice ladies. I'm now 25 weeks , and I'm realizing …

I need advice ladies. I'm now 25 weeks , and I'm realizing because of my bf I've been stressed out and so busy working because he isn't throughout my whole pregnancy that i haven't been able to relax and take time out for myself and just enjoy being pregnant. I'm trying hard not to resent him . I haven't been able to do half of what I said I wanted to do while being pregnant, professional maternity pictures , body cast, etc. Now I feel like this beautiful time in my life is just passing me by like everything else and I haven't been able to just enjoy it . just focus on myself and the gift growing in me, now I'm sad ,I literally have three months left . how can I start to enjoy it , what activities can I do ? I feel like it's too late . :(


— You can find people who do maternity pictures pretty cheap. I found someone who did pictures for $40 a session

— Definitely call up a friend to take pics!!! Use a phone or a digital camera. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, something that really shows off that bump! Take some outside, inside (so pretty in front of a window!) anywhere! There are a million apps for your phone to do fancy edits. Really get into it!!

— Do the shoot. Take it on your phone find on Facebook someone starting out. I mean might not be like some thousand dollar photographer but you can do it cheap and still enjoy!(: you and your bf can do a paint on your body instead of the cast and do pictures like paint the baby name or something.