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Is It Really That Hard To Sleep While Pregnant?? Honestly I…

Is It Really That Hard To Sleep While Pregnant?? Honestly I Haven't Had Any Problems, I Get Under My Boyfriend And Go Straight To Sleep... Only Wake Up If I Have To Pee... Maybe It's Because I'm So Small🤔🤔🤔


— Lol I was small too I got lucky with that but this lil boy was moving like a ninja and he 1 and still do! I dnt get a break lol he torturing me rn 😂

— I slept so good the whole pregnancy lol

— I still fit all of my jeans @mcrowell0970

— lol I'm so glad and lucky to be this small at 8 months I wouldn't be able to deal.. @mcrowell0970 and normally I am a light sleeper.. I didn't get that heavy deep sleep til I got pregnant lol @muva.mermaid

— Lol dang see ima light sleeper anyways and I have severe insomnia literally up all night ! You are lucky!!

— lol

— I had minor hip pains this morning, maybe because I sat crisscross while building giant letter blocks last night lol @bluepenguin

— My daughter is very active, she moves a lot when I'm sleeping.. my boyfriend told me that plenty of times they'll be up, he'll talk to her and play with her and I don't even wake up lol I just be like oh did y'all have fun😂😂 @muva.mermaid @vicky810

— towards the end it was horrible hip pain, I couldn't get comfortable plus I peed like 5 times a night. it wasn't the worst but I don't miss it haha

— well u are quite lucky! cause I have a horrible time

— I couldn't sleep my son moved sooo much at night I never slept lol