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I start work Tuesday....this is

I start work Tuesday....this is going to pretty much be my set up for breast feeding alone at nights now. I have at the bottom what I use for my:
Brewers yeast
Sugar for a sweeter taste to kill the Brewers yeast taste
2) at the bottom minimum of water and power aid for the day
3) top I usually make enough oatmeal for three servings, eat one save two for throughout the day (I don't have an appetite and I force myself to eat at least oatmeal for my breastmilk I pretty much eat it all day)
4) mother milk tea for the day (I use flavor creamer in it only nothing else)
5) I eat half of banana in my oatmeal the other half I freeze to add to a smoothie with my flaxseeds

This is just a start for me I really want to be able produce enough milk to pump wile I'm at work. Feel free to give me suggestions.

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