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so tmi i had sex last night i had my daughter three & half weeks ago. it kinda hurt. i just dont want to get a hysterectomy i still have another two kids to go. i just want the d and was tired of giving blow jobs while i was hella horny. did i mess up? i am waiting another three weeks just to be on the safe side with my son i only waited two weeks and was perfectly fine this time around i didnt heal as fast.

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— Did you use protection? You could be pregnant or get an infection. Or not.

— why would you need a hysterectomy because you had sex early?

— no i didnt ... i made him pull out when he was getting close and then i finished him off. i wasnt really thinking honestly i was so damn horney i hadnt had sex in four weeks. i wasnt dying but i was craving it and we had problems with passion and yesterday it just felt perfect and right. and i felt this connection i hadnt felt in a long time. @housfullofgrls

— my mom said if i was rough i could mess myself up i wasnt really rough but she likes to kinda of scare me / be protective if that makes sense @ssdj4

— If you're worried call the doctor. But plenty of women have done the same thing

— how can being rough cause you to need one? that makes no sense. it's for uterine problems such as cancer or post menopausal issues. @thumbalina001

— ive heard of plenty of young women who have had one this is why it was a question now i never google anything also its always over the top. anyways! @housfullofgrls i was just curious if me doing things like this should be something to worry about. also i told him we could have sex again till i either had bc again or we had condoms.

— Me and my bf had sex three weeks pp and it was a bit sensitive up in there. Its normal to be sensitive that early on.