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I'm interested in cloth diapers... what are the differences between cloth and disposable diapers and what are the benefits of cloth diapers? Please comment with helpful information. Thank you :)

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— Benefits are a ton of money saved, helps potty train faster, no harsh chemicals in them, softer against the bum, most people find they have less blow outs, oh and they have really cute prints!

— The difference depends on the style you use really, some go on just like disposables, others require an extra step or two. And obviously washing them but it's my easiest and favorite loads to do personally and takes up very little of my time :)

— I did cloth for about 3 months then started working and could not keep up with the amount of washing, but their are some really cute prints and options out there my favorite were glow bug the have a fb page and you can purchase a good starter package but they are a little on the pricey side. Advice know if you have hard or soft water in your area because that makes a difference on how you care for your diapers.

— Oh and some of my favorite resources, and Cloth Diaper 101 on YouTube!

— But how does it work when the baby poops or pee in the cloth diaper ? Do you do the same as you would with a disposable diaper but just wash it instead of throwing it away? @mamapenguin @savanahr777

— if baby is not on solid foods at all, you just throw it in a pail and wash later. once foods are introduced, you rinse in a utility sink, or toilet (diaper sprayers are amazing!) or there are disposable liners that you can just lift and toss too

— Poo is nasty in cloth not gonna lie if your home they have a spray thing kinda like on a kitchen sink you can hook up to your toilet and spray the poo off when your out and about it's a lot more of a challenge pee you just put in your wet bag and move on the kind I used the glow bugs had thick snap liners and once soiled you could wrap up like a disposable and place in your wet bag then wash later.

— If you're breastfeeding and the child is only consuming breastmilk no formula or solids the poo is water soluble and can go straight into the washer (in its own load of course) but if they're consuming solids or formula then it has to be sprayed into the toilet, they sell a sprayer on Amazon. There are expensive cloth diapers like bum genius, Charlie banana, and glow bugs, but there are also ones on the more affordable side like Alva baby diapers and diapers off of

— Thank you so much ladies!!! The information you've given me is very helpful:) @ainsleighsmumma @savanahr777 @mamapenguin