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Kane'ohe, posts from the channel


Hi BFing mamas, I'm due any day and was wondering if there are any products you couldn't live without or wish you'd discovered sooner. I have a boppy, those hot/cold gel boob things, lanolin, and I am on Amazon ordering a Zerlar. I have an electric pump (Spectra S2), a few types of bottles, reusable nursing pads. I feel like I am mostly set, but I don't have nipple shields or freezer baggies yet. Anything else you would suggest? Thanks!

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— Oh, I guess at some point I should get one of those pumping bras...

— yes a pumping bra..I like my manual pump, storage bottles for breast milk that will be in the fridge, nursing bra

— @ftm2babyc, oh yeah, I have a few different types of nursing bras. You like a manual pump better than electric? I don't have one (or two, I guess) yet.

— well I only pump at night so I use a manual pump for the quick convenience. the electric is nice for hands free pumping during the day.

— I love the kiinde breast milk storage bags, I have the spectra as well. I attach the bags right to the pump and good to go. My son doesn't really care for bottles just yet but we just started.

— Thanks @rfsteele