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I feel totally guilty, but I am 4 months already and have yet to start taking belly pictures! When did you other mommys start taking belly pictures ?

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— At like 6 weeks

— Wow! I didn't even know until I was 8 weeks 😩😂 @mrstaylor

— I knew at 6 weeks cause I got my 1st ultrasound at 7 weeks

— 1st bump pic lol

— Latest bump pick 21 weeks

— This was 15 weeks

— I'm having a girl btw

— Oh so cute! I love it ! @mrstaylor

— 18 weeks with a boy

— now I'm 28 weeks today

— Woo! You still have your belly piercing in! My honey is trying to get me to take mine out, but no way! I am trying to keep it in as long as possible @savvylynn1

— yeah I'm trying not to take it out because I think it looks so weird without one now that I'm use to having it. my sister left it in the whole time so I think personally it's just up to you what you wanna do😊 @shylamarie

— I heard it like stretches out your skin. So it kinda freaked me out @savvylynn1

— really?? I never heard of that 😂 @shylamarie