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I *think* I have enough cloth diapers.

I *think* I have enough cloth diapers. They fill his crib!

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— hello! I'm due 10.16.16! I know you are a FTM like me but I was looking into cloth diapering for our little one! I'm concerned about clean up I've seen a site where it said like a "toilet spray"? not sure what that's all about! help! thanks :)

— hi @littlemamaindiana yes! A toilet sprayer will be so helpful, especially after breastfeeding. We put the Diaper Dawg brand one on the registry and got it that way. I like it because it came with a shield to prevent poopy water splashing. But there are lots of different brands available. I will have to see what works for us, but some people seem to put 2-3 days worth of diapers in a bag, spray them all at once then wash. And some people seem to spray them out right away, keep them in a "wet bucket" until there are enough to make a wash load. It seems spraying right away will reduce smell and staining. Hope that helps!