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Health visitor coming before baby is born. She's coming tom…

Health visitor coming before baby is born. She's coming tomorrow morning. Anyone else had this. What should I expect?


— depends were you are @gemmajoanne mine came a few weeks before my daughter was born and a few days after and both times they wanted to see were my daughter was sleeping day and night but its nothing to worry about I was half way through decorating :) they never said a thing..... don't worry about it :) x

— No I met mine at a health centre so she hasn't seen my house but they wouldn't anyway they just have a chat with you and get to know u a little and see if there's anything u need help with or wanted to ask X x

— @jamesnbump16, @daisysmummy They aren't gonna snoop round my house are they? Lol I'm still yet to gloss upstairs it's a nightmare lmao

— Yeah they do it with everyone :) she'll just make sure you have bits ready for baby and talk to you about babies jabs and just see how you're doing in general :) it's nothing to worry about xx

— I met with mine a few weeks ago she said it's because when they came out after baby was born it was a lot of information to be giving someone who was getting over a birth and dealing with a newborn so now they like to chat with u about stuff before hand and just get to know u a little x