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My periods have always been so irregular, I never know if I'm late or not😪
Does anyone else have this problem??

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— Me ugh!!!

— I'm worried that something might be wrong with me @carparker00! One time I went a whole three months without a period for no reason.

— It's scary! I'm always worried I'm pregnant lol

— Ugh yes @carparker00

— Like it's so odd to me that girls can know exactly when it will come

— I'm currently 32 days late 🙄 so it's annoying because I don't have any idea when it's coming

— I was hoping that giving birth would help regulate it, but nope @kellynicole

— Ugh even on birth control my period is still all over the place

— Has your doctor said that anything's wrong? @kellynicole @carparker00

— I honestly haven't asked but i might call and ask if it's normal! Cause I thought I'd be regulated if I were on the pill