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Im 2 weeks PP. Do i wait the whole 6 weeks before sex or nah ? I had two stitches outside my VJJ lol and some inside so im thinking i should wait 8 weeks before sex ?

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— It's safer to wait 6 weeks! I mean I was 5 weeks when I had sex with my ex (baby daddy) and it hurt me

— Ok im kinda nervous myself so ima wait prob 7 weeks just to be safe @brantleysmommy25

— Yup first time hurts but it gets better

— I wanted it so bad idc about the pain. But if you do have sec before 6 weeks make sure your using protection, lol. Your most fertile then. That's what my dr said and she was right. Me and my baby daddy ended up getting pregnant 5 weeks after my son was born but lost the baby

— i waited 8 weeks because i had a couple of stitches inside my female area. it's a little painful the first, I'd wait till you have your 6 week PP checkup

— I had second degree tear I ended up waiting 8 weeks cause it still hurt when I sat on the toilet so that made me scared haha but it was good I am glad I waited

— Lol thanks yall ima wait my sister told me she felt like a whole new woman when she finally got to have sex 😂 and i kinda figured its going to hurt @meme2393 @sabreycastro1996 @brantleysmommy25 @jayson21_41

— I couldn't wait that long with my kids. lol I'm too fresh. I waited like 4 weeks. but I know is Best yo wait 8