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Im praying she comes on her own.! I dont want to go to 40 weeks nd have to be induced. I want to go to 38 or 39 ik im being selfish but shes also being selfish if she makes me wait 40 weeks nd some days 😂😂

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— I was praying for the same! buuut 40 weeks is just 3 days round the corner for me! good luck mamma. praying for you!

— i said the same thing i ended up going 40+3 in labor from Thursday afternoon to Friday night

— Awe.! Praying for you as well.! Hope she come on her own before 3 days.! Go walk or have sex lol i hear it works! @mrsgower i havent dilated any last week hopefully this week it will change

— Seems like the girls want to bake longer. My daughter was 40w3d also

— Yall scare me lol @newmommy72816

— @desiraeriley, 😥😥😥 @desiraeriley

— lol dont be scared its so worth it in the end i just had to be induced twice tho hopefully it will be smoother than that for you

— @paisleemommie, been doing that and it isn't doing a damn thing for me!

— Lmao @mrsgower i havent tried the sex part. @newmommy72816 i hope so to