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I'm literally so sad and scared that my baby will not make it thru the rest of the pregnancy bc of my health. I don't want to lose him bc I got this 😫😢

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— Wish the best .. Just pray

— 🙏🤗🙏🤗

— praying for you and baby

— Oh no. What's going on 😭😟

— Gestational diabetes, the doctor told me my risks today and I'm just so sad. This whole pregnancy has been an emotional roller coaster for my health and the health of the baby 😭 @keniamarjorie

— Praying

— I have GD too you'll be fine

— @momof5222, I hate this. I'm gonna be induced at 38-39 weeks. Did they say you'd be induced too?

— he's already measuring 2 weeks ahead and I'm almost 36 weeks plus I had it with my last baby and was induced at 371/2 week's with him and he was 7 pounds 6 ounces

— mm omof5222, ok, I was measuring 3 weeks ahead. Today I had a newer nurse and she said 35 weeks! ( 5 weeks ahead) then she took forever finding the heart beat and it was 132 but it sounded so feint. My blood glucose was 78 I'm so new to all this and think the new nurse made it worse

— @momof5222,

— yeah just watch your sugar and control it best you can, they'll keep a closer eye on baby, just have faith and all will be great!

— Thank you.. Glad to talk to someone whose been thru it before. @momof5222

— no problem drs make it sound really scary, it's really not as bad as that, it's annoying but our babies will be fine we just might get to meet them earlier:)

— That's true! As long as he comes out alive and healthy! @momof5222

— You will be fine, I was induced at 37 due to GD, best advice try your hardest to keep your diet. The drs will have you scared they had my baby at 8 pound 6 ounces she came out 6 pounds 9 ounces her blood sugar levels were great she is great don't panic you will be alright.

— The diet is what I'm worried about, bc I can't keep a lot of things down @saunshyne

— I was sick my entire pregnancy, I wrote a list of what I could keep dwn and picked they healthy ones out, I was stuck eating chicken and veggies but I was perfectly fine with that@xoashl3ylynnxo

— I'm gonna do that. A list would be better than trying to remember things lol @saunshyne