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Epidural or no epidural ? 🤔🤔

Epidural or no epidural ?


— @kiaaaaj, That can go either way. T he people on here saying to get one don't know if she can handle it natural. People can only speak on what they know for themselves.

— I gave birth twice, no epidural. My second was a 16 hour induction. My fear of having a large needle that close to my spine is worse in my opinion than the pain.

— @mommychina_ exactly !! they on here saying no epi , her pain tolerance is different from the rest . And her labor might go different do what you pls hunny

— epidural all the way! I had to have 2 epidurals one for while I was pushing then found out my pelvic was too small so I had to have another one for my c section. I have a high pain tolerance considering after my c section I refused my pain meds and was up walking laps in the hospital and felt great! contractions with back labor is no joke!

— Ok so I've had three kids and I have had an epidural all three times and my pain tolerance is high, The first time I got it, I got it too late and felt everything and SWORE TO GOD I'd never have another child as long as I lived, two years went by, and by then I forgot All about the pain I had felt, and got pregnant yet again with my second child, I was induced with my second child and the pain was SOOOO much worse because I had been induced so yes I got the epi again, they did something wrong with the epi, because my hands went numb and I couldn't breath very well so I had to have a oxygen machine hooked up to me, but I didn't feel a thing as far as pushing him out, 3rd baby I got to 8cm and was like "I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS WITH NO EPI" And I would have had I not stopped progressing and they had to induce, once I seen them hook that freaking bag up to me I started crying because I was already in alot of painand knew it would only get way worse..so I got the epi, I still felt all the pressure and the burning but it wasn't that bad.

— I went into labor convinced I wasnt going to get the epidural. made it 5cm dialated and then gave in. the epidural helped me go from a 5 to a 9 within five minutes though. only downside to waiting that long was that it didn't take full affect so I still felt everything.

— Depends on your pain tolerance😜

— @mommychina_,

— I guess I'll see how much pain I'm in, but I know after a certain point they can't give it to you. I can handle pain pretty well, but I'll never know the pain of labor till its here lol @withlovechris @babyeaston191 @amaperalta03 @b3autymarkk23

— that's not something someone can answer for you. the ones saying no epidural won't have the same labor or pain you may feel or vice versa. your choice when the time comes you'll know!!

— no epidural 😄 unless emergency.

— Do what ever your heart desires

— No epidural ☺

— No epidural 🙌🏿