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start my second trimester tomorrow... come on 14weeks !!!!!

start my second trimester tomorrow... come on 14weeks !!!!!


— @brit1335, ill go with that lol. I've always said I start my second at 14weeks

— Butttt this is what I've noticed most people on this app go by.

— When the trimesters start and end depends on who you ask, which book you read or what website you visit. Most doctors & what not actually talk about your pregnancy in weeks, rather than months or trimesters anyways.

— yes I have that one and baby bump app. @kelseylynn619 .

— oh wow hmm that's the ovia app right?

— ..

— all mine say 14 and so does my ob. I've asked all 3 times nd been told its 14 weeks... @kelseylynn619

— that's diff cause my ob told me it starts at the end of 12 weeks going into my 13 weeks. I have this app called what to expect and it told me I was in my second trimester at 13 weeks.

— @kelseylynn619,

— 14 weeks is second trimester according to my ob and all apps...

— it starts at 13 weeks

— ur already in ur second trimester hun :)