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so, in my different stages of life I've really learned that…

so, in my different stages of life I've really learned that talking shit on other people is mean and can be very hurtful (even if they don't hear you) it's never okay. I've been hanging out w. this girl that I met since moving to a new area and she talks about every person she sees. I try not to judge ppl for being who they are and obviously ALOT of who this girl is ; is talking meanly about other ppl. but she's so blunt that she has crossed a few lines. she called my bf a piece of shit, has said "fuck him" she's said things about my mom and she calls ppl ugly (she's far from gorgeous herself) and she talks about other women and how they mother their children. it makes me so uncomfortable. I'm not ok w it, but I LOVE her son! i don't even know what to say to this girl, I have like no respect for her as a woman or human being in general just BC of the way she bashes ppl. and she has been out in public and has said things mean to ppl about how they handle their children and I told her to never do that when I'm taking her some where cause that's not the kinda person I am. sorry I needed to vent. I'm to the point I wanna slap this chick! I have to tell her that I can't hang out w her. a friend is some one that doesn't put u down, listens when you talk, and respects you. I'm not gonna be around someone who puts theirself on a pedastol screw that!

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